Certificates of Analysis (COA's)

At P's Pro Max, your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities. We understand the significance of transparency and reliability in the CBD industry, which is why we conduct an intensive triple test method for all our products.

Our triple test approach is a rigorous protocol designed to ensure absolute accuracy in our products' THC content, reaffirming our commitment to delivering 100% THC-free CBD products. The three-phase testing includes:



  1. Raw Material Testing: Right from the beginning, we verify the quality of our raw materials. Each batch is tested to confirm its THC content is non-detectable.

  2. In-Process Testing: During the production process, we monitor and test to ensure that our manufacturing process does not introduce any THC.

  3. Final Product Testing: Finally, our finished products undergo a comprehensive analysis to verify zero THC content once more, ensuring consistency and accuracy in our formulations.


Each test is conducted by an independent, third-party laboratory, specializing in cannabis and hemp testing, to guarantee impartial results. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are produced for every batch of our products, providing a detailed report on its cannabinoid profile, potential contaminants, and, most importantly, its THC levels.


Here, you can access all our Certificates of Analysis. By sharing these documents with you, we aim to foster trust and reassure you that you're getting the high-quality, THC-free CBD products that you expect from P's Pro Max.



Current COA's:


Transdermal Balm 230619

Sports Rollerball 230619

Sensual Oil 230619